The 5 Hugest Beer Pong Games of All Time - 7/17/09

On Saturday, my eternally meat-headed friends and I held the fifth installment of our annual 4th of July tradition: playing a big-ass game of Beer Pong. This annual display of debauchery was born back on our nation's birthday in 2005 because, we reasoned, playing a wastefully fantastic beer game for 4 hours is just about the most American thing you can do.

This yearly game, which we fondly refer to as Ultimate Beer Pong, eventually evolved out of the more primative form of simply covering an entire ping-pong table with cups, and into last year's 3D game (Solo cup skyscrapers) and finally this year's 4D game (the 4, sadly, only references how many teams there were, and not that we were somehow throwing pinpong balls back through time and hitting dinosaurs).

This all really got me thinking: We're pretty stupid, and have come up with a pretty huge game of Beer Pong. But somewhere out there, in America, there's got to be somebody even stupider, with an even huger game of Beer Pong. And thus, after some exhaustive web research, I present you with the 5 most ridiculously gigantic games of Beer Pong ever played:

#5 - Giant Beer Pong

There appear to be about 525 cups on this table, which makes it a pretty impressive game. It also raises the question: is that one guy going to fill up all 525 cups, with his one pitcher of beer? And will the entire game be played with that one ping-pong ball, sitting in what appears to be a birdbath? I'm sure these questions and others would have been answered had there been a video of this game, which there wasn't. Just one of the reasons this giant game only makes #5 on the list, along the lack of originality in color and form. Just red cups in a giant square, people? Come on now, let's get creative.

#4 - Millenium Pong (the Sequel)

This game was played by some guys in Nebraska or someplace else appropriate, I guess as a sequel to their first Millenium Game the previous year, and it really takes Beer Pong to a new place. Of interesting note in this video (other than the fact that it's way too long and appears to be set to the sound track of some early Nintendo version of Centipede): if their clock is accurate, this game started at 7:30pm on New Year's Eve, and wasn't finished until 3:30am. So the name is no joke, although I sort of feel back they wiped out their entire New Year's Eve. Then again, we wiped our 4th of July.

#3 - Water Cooler Pong

Ah, notice I didn't say what kind of gigantic the game had to be: these guys get points for pure originality. The only way to improve on this would be to play with garbage cans... which of course the people in the picture to the right did, until the cops got showed up. I wish I could've found a video.

My brothers and I discussed this, and if someone really wanted to put this oversized Beirut thing to bed, they should do it with exercise balls being punted into 10 kiddie pools in a pyramid, with a standing inch of beer in the bottom of each one.

#2 - Millenium Pong (the Original)
This was the original Millenium Pong game, and I must say, I'm impressed. From the overhead mounted time-lapse cam, to the Ska music soundtrack, to the triangle pieces of plywood, which I'm sure had to be cut specifically for the game, to the foresite not to fill up the lower layers of cups until they're been exposed, to keep the beer from getting warm... somebody put a lot of time and ingenuity into this monster game of pong, and I want them to know that I appreciate it. I also like the fact that they had to switch rooms when they realized the first one wasn't going to be big enough to contain the game. Now that's committment.

#1 - 9000 Cup Big Sexy Beer Pong

I can't tell if there really are 9000 cups here, but honestly, it doesn't matter: this is clearly the most gargantuam game of beerpong that has ever been played, perhaps that ever will be played. They must have robbed a Solo Cup factory.

Just check out the video. There really aren't any more words.

Big Triangle Pong Benny Hill Pong
Not as big as some of the above games, but beautiful in its simplicity. What college guy hasn't talked about doing this? These guys did. This game is not impressive, but god bless them for their music selection.



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