10 Unintentionally Hilarious License Plates - 7/15/09
We all know there are a lot of funny license plates out there. But it's even funnier when it wasn't on purpose: the DMV just randomly assigned some poor sap the license plate 321-JAP and now they have to roll around looking like a WWII racist.

Of course, most states have suprisingly stringent restrictions on which letter/number combos are not allowed, to prevent potentially offensive (and totally hilarious) combinations like 666-JEW from happening. (These restrictions tend to go a little overboard: according to this site, apparently, California plates can't even contain the letters POW, BAD, or FUN. FUN? Really, California?)

But foreign countries don't have these restrictions... and even here in America, accidental combos sometimes slip through the cracks and turn into highway hilarity before anybody realizes it. Without further ado, here are my ten favorite accidentally hilarious license plates:

1. Ass Orgy

This one's been around the internet a million times. Nothing wrong with 'A55' as a combination, right? And nothing wrong with 'RGY'? But put them together, with an unfortunately huge Florida orange in between, and you've got yourself an Ass Orgy, and the best license plate I've ever seen.

2. C0CK 99


And they're in line at McDonalds.

4. 5LUT

5. AID5

Ah, the unfortunately placed "5"...

6. GAY 3966

I wonder if that means the same thing in German.

7. S-EX

8. JIZ

My favorite part is the Obama sticker.


I'm not 100% sure that this one wasn't intentional, or that it wasn't photoshopped, but it was clever enough that I thought it should make the list. And who knows, there are a lot of weird-ass foreign license plates out there - maybe somebody in Slovakia really did just get this coincidental combination of letters and numbers. Monkeys typing Shakespeare, man.

10. ROFL

If only this was on a Copter

Runners Up: (Three other plates I found around my chat room of a neighborhood.)

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