Paul and Sam vs. the NBA All-Star Game - 6/13/09
Once upon a time, a website hired Paul Jury and Sam Greenspan to make viral videos for them. 5 days into their employment, Break flew the guys to the 2008 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, gave them all-access passes and a camera, and turned them loose.

Unfortunately, guys made such a (hilarious) ruckus that upon returning the NBA banned them from ever showing any of the footage. Which is too bad, because I now have 24 of the most ridiculous minutes of edited footage sitting on my computer in a documentary that I can't show anybody.

There are, however a couple things from it I can show you. The first is a T-mobile-sponsored event where 3 NBA start played against 3 teenagers in video game basketball...

...and the other is something no one can every take away... footage of the carnage that is Bourbon Street, after the game.

In honor of the NBA finals this week, we leave you with a little taste of the magic of the NBA All-Star game.



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